Reviews of “Riding Bean” (1989) and related work

“Riding Bean” (1989Moving picture, 46 minutes)

A pair of mercenary drivers are set up by a psycho and get caught between rabid cops and a rich Chicago family. Bullets, bulletproof gadgetry and one fucked-up sidekick take the stage.

The schlocky result of watching too many bad American movies. Automotive OVA action with some horror and gore. Apparently intended as the first 40-minute episode of a series, but the pilot wasn’t picked.

References here: “Scramble Wars: Step on It! Genom Trophy Rally” (1992).

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction

Gunsmith Cats (1995Moving picture, 70 minutes)

Two women sell guns by day and hunt bounty by night, in Chicago. They go after various criminals and dodge the ATF.

Same setting, same writer, and one reworked, recycled character from Riding Bean. Different style though. A babes-with-guns adventure romp. Bland and damaged by a focus on fan service. By this point, Sonoda’s design work looked archaic.

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