Scrubs (2001) IMDb


Review applies only to the first five seasons.


Absurd comedy with occasional elements of melodrama and tragedy, heavy on brief scenes of imagination, fast cuts and flashbacks.


A new crop of immature doctors start practising medicine and surgery at a generic American hospital, under the auspices of vicious and cynical veterans.


Increasingly afflicted by the curse of a horde of writers trying to come up with simple gags for an endless series, thus piling on contradictions as the concept is slowly over-extended. However, there are many two-episode arcs, time passes at the rate of a year per season with some natural effects, and there is some success in running counter to the other basics of sitcoms: no laugh track, serious diseases, an episode mocking sitcoms etc. Laudable, entirely watchable, yet clearly doomed. According to Platoon (1986), Cox did pretty well in 'Nam by the way.

References here: The Stand (1994).

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