Reviews of Snabba cash (2006) and related work

Snabba cash (2006Text)

Jens Lapidus (writer).

text fiction

Easy Money (2010Moving picture, 124 minutes)

Seen in 2021.

The story is not improved by the writer’s deviations from the novel. In particular, the psychological interiority with Mrado is much weaker, the characters are weaker as a result, and the love story is bad; part of an implausible ending that tries to be Heat (1995) without the directorial skill.

moving picture adaptation fiction

‣‣ Easy Money II: Hard to Kill (2012Moving picture, 99 minutes)

Seen in 2021.

The original novel has no sequel this straight, and the lack of ideas for one is evident here. This is just a straight-up crime thriller where even Mahmoud returns at length, to no effect.

moving picture sequel fiction