Reviews of “Sol Bianca” (1990) and related work

“Sol Bianca” (1990Moving picture, 45 minutes)

Five women with an advanced pirate ship go looking for a valuable artifact. They’re misinformed.
Space opera. A relatively serious seinen take on the all-female action motif of {{review|Bubblegum Crisis (1987)}} et al. Reasonably realistic soft SF, but marred by gimmicky nomenclature and formulaic plot.

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction

“Sol Bianca 2” (1991Moving picture, 45 minutes)

The crew is looking for pāsha, a catalytic substance of which only 3000 tons are known to exist.
Added sexual violence as well as inferior direction and animation kill the charm. There are hints about a serialized plot (Yuri’s identity, Noal, the origin of the ship etc.), but this only lowers the appeal in the absence of a continuation.

moving picture sequel animation Japanese production fiction