Reviews of Soldat Bom (1948) and related work

Soldat Bom (1948Moving picture, 89 minutes)

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Bara en kypare (1959Moving picture, 85 minutes)

Seen in 2019.

Fabian Bom periodically works his way up from waiter to entertainer.

Rom-com farce. 60 years later, the most interesting aspect of this film is the implication that Bom has little or no sexual or romantic interest. Marianne Bengtsson’s Annie pursues him throughout the film, and in the last minute, he notices and commits to a partnership, but even then, there is nothing like romantic warmth or sincerity in Nils Poppe’s acting. Rather than appearing comically libidinous, as Bob Hope would have, or childlike, as Chaplin’s Tramp usually did, or adhering to the bureaucratic punctiliousness of the established character, Bom reads as dysfunctional and repressed.

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