Review of Stellvia of the Universe (2003)

Moving picture, 10 hours

A united humankind prepares to protect itself from a second wave of supernova debris in the mid-24th century, after a first wave—perhaps electromagnetic or gravitational—caused enormous damage nearly two centuries earlier. The space stations charged with shielding the Earth are also International Baccalaureate schools for volunteer space pilots thought to be necessary for point defence when the second wave hits.

Mainstream science fiction, meaning drama with lasers. There is no science worth mentioning and no true social change. Surprisingly, the second wave is over by the middle of the series, replaced by another threat that creates a mood vaguely reminiscent of Babylon 5 (1993) without breaking the monotony of typical wild-haired school drama. Graduates of the IB program are encouraged to watch episode 2.

References here: The Orbital Children (2022).

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction series