Review of Terra e... (1980)

Moving picture, 113 minutes

Humankind is polarized. A minority has flawed bodies but considerable psychic powers, whereas the majority lives in an empire of mandatory harmony, where natural birth and childhood memories are removed to keep emotions running smoothly under the aegis of AI “Mothers”. The film principally follows two men from around the age of 14 to their deaths on distant Earth.

Science fiction, mostly space opera. Entirely mediocre in many respects, with some seriously annoying details, but animation enables it to jump ahead several years at a time and to take other interesting liberties. The final answers are lyrically nihilistic, though not quite optimal. Original title: Chikyuu he... (literally: “To Earth...”) with furigana changing the pronunciation to Tera e... and a secondary title reading Toward the Terra, which is clearly Engrish.

moving picture Japanese production animation fiction