Reviews of “Tetra Vaal” (2004) and related work

“Tetra Vaal” (2004Moving picture, 2 minutes)

Seen in 2020.

moving picture fiction

Chappie (2015Moving picture, 120 minutes)

Seen in 2020.

A poor imitation of Robocop (1987) and a case study in illiterate science fiction writing: Worse than Ex Machina’s treatment of the subject, complete with a robot who figures out how to move its soul by giving itself an EEG. The script’s concept of artificial intelligence is so human-centric that it would have been right at home in 1930s pulps. I appreciate the incongruous use of Japanese (kun, ne, 「テンション」) to flesh out the future street life, but it doesn’t work. The silly gangs and the villain’s super-SWAT reaction to them are just a phantom image of The Warriors (1979).

References here: Outside the Wire (2021).

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