Review of The Mist (2007)

Moving picture, 126 minutes

The day after a storm, reg’lar folks in a contemporary US small town restock in the general store as a mist inexplicably blankets everything beyond the windows, and one bloodied man runs out of it, screaming.

Horror. Those who do not like The Mist generally fall into a single category: Human chauvinists who say they would have preferred a stronger focus on the drama. Fortunately, the universe is bigger than us, sometimes even in fiction. Long live the legacy of H. P. Lovecraft! Also, the last scene, while not brilliant, has one good quality. It undermines the hero myth. The cleanup is consistent with nihilist horror if you view it as an irresponsible machine taking back control to keep doing what it was doing while civilization is revarnished. Those soldiers sure look the part. Carmody, on the other hand, really ought to have been more nuanced.

fiction moving picture