Reviews of The Nature of Things (1960) and related work

The Nature of Things (1960Moving picture)

Seen in 2017.

A series of largely unrelated science documentaries.

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“Aliens of the Deep Sea” (2010Moving picture, 60 minutes)

Seen in 2017.

Seen with SVT’s Swedish narration.

Intelligence-related experiments on octopi.

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The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World (2018Moving picture)

Seen in 2018.

I saw the Swedish SVT version.

Fungi from the earliest life to prototaxites to the “wood wide web” to Ötzi’s fungal medicine and human Cryptococcus gattii infections.

A good slice of how the natural world operates. I like the hypothesis that the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event favoured mammals so heavily because their homeothermy saved them from various fungal pathogens that would have been running wild feasting on things killed by the impact and lack of sunlight.

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