Review of “The Price of Bertrayal” (1915)

Moving picture, 38 minutes

Seen in 2019.

Seen in the best available Swedish restoration that existed in 2019, at Cinemateket, with live piano.

Holk; Blom; Lenz.

The story is simple but effective, a noted contrast from the romantic, yet-more moralistic melodramas of the period. The execution goes to humorous excess trying to thrill the audience. Three times, Blom hides himself in ways that would work poorly in real life, where sound exists.

DP Julius Jaenzon’s work is already excellent, especially the dolly shot through the window into Holk’s apartment, and the customarily deep-focus shot of the courtroom with burghers in the background, on a balcony overlooking the action. This is the DP taking advantage of the squarish format of the film to inserts a proxy for its audience.

moving picture fiction