Reviews of “The Raven” (1845) and related work

“The Raven” (1845Text)

Edgar Allan Poe (writer).

Poe’s most famous work. The character of the wife, Lenore, may be identical to the dead young titular character in “Lenore” (1843) who “should have been thy bride” and was the narrator’s bride in a still earlier version, “A Pæan” (1831).

References here: “The Bells” (1848).

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“The Raven” (1942Moving picture, 14 minutes)

Seen in 2022.


It turns out that what the raven has promised to do “nevermore” is burglary. Deliciously fluid and free-associating Fleischer comedy.

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The Raven (1963Moving picture, 86 minutes)

Richard Matheson (writer).

Seen in 2019.

Young Jack Nicholson is the best thing about it, and he’s bad.

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