Review of The Running Man (1987)

Moving picture, 101 minutes

2017: Following extensive economic collapse, a cop is jailed for refusing to kill hundreds of food rioters, and blamed for the killings, which his refusal does not prevent. Meeting a resistance movement in prison, he breaks out but is caught to participate in a reality TV game show. Along with two resistance comrades and a hot girl who happens to get beaten, tied up and strangled a lot with a strong sexual undercurrent, the cop has to run through an area of the city ruined by the 1997 earthquake, as gimmicky muscle men selected by a cheering studio audience stalk him.

Violent entertainment about the dangers of violent entertainment. Influenced by cyberpunk in the usual way, it the Trump presidency in a nutshell. Not serious in any real way, but a few moments are quite nice for reasons other than semi-reflective kitsch.

References here: The Hunger Games (2012), “Hammerhead” (2015).

moving picture fiction cyberpunk