Review of Tomtens minnesluckor (2019)

Moving picture, 108 minutes

Seen in 2019.

An advent calendar of revisits to the subjects of past SVT documentaries by Tom Alandh.

The episodes are often dark, sometimes to the point of unintentional comedy, especially in comparison with SVT’s regular (children’s) advent calendar. For example, the first episode is about a repo man who incidentally visits a man, Ulf Olsson, who later turned out to be a murderer. Tom Alandh’s narration ends:

... och Ulf Olsson, han tog sitt liv i januari 2010, på rättspsykiatriska kliniken i Sundsvall.

... and Olf Olsson, he killed himself in January of 2010, at Sundsvall’s clinic of forensic psychiatry.

Roll credits.

An excellent concept: A career retrospective dressed up in the format of then-trending adult advent calendars. Instead of craft beers or perfume, each episode was accompanied by the republication of at least one subject documentary on SVT’s video site.

moving picture non-fiction series