Review of “Top 3” (2019)

Moving picture, 45 minutes

Seen in 2019.

The longest film I’d seen (to date) animated entirely in the strokeless flat vector style of a Google UI or an infographic, a choice apparently made to match the protagonist’s profession as an illustrator working in Adobe Illustrator. Apart from a few carefully coloured scenes, it looks pretty boring. There’s very little movement, partly because there are only three characters. The voice acting is similarly disengaged: Just these three people taking turns in a sound booth, one or two at a time, with little to say and less emotion. This could have been meditative, but it isn’t. Despite Norrland playing a big part in the story, visually it’s barely even a backdrop. There is no natural beauty and little room for introspection. There’s nothing wrong with the plot, but there’s very little of that too.

moving picture animation fiction