Review of “Vermisst – Wo sind die Vögel?” (2020)

Moving picture, 53 minutes

Seen in 2020.

Seen with Swedish-language narration on SVT.

Causes of declining field bird populations and some relevant conservation efforts, mainly in the EU.

It was a strange choice to anchor this documentary in Mya-Rose, a teenage birder. I suppose that choice may have been influenced by the fame of Greta Thunberg, and/or intended to pull in a young audience, but because she has been all over the world to collect her dubious “notches”, the teenager seems less sincere in her avowed environmentalism than Thunberg. This lends the documentary a faint hypocrisy. Like “Sista skörden” (2017), the script also fails to mention that organic farming is substantially less productive than conventional industrial farming, but the documentary is very good in all other respects. It certainly shows how careful and organic farming contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, at the cost of productivity.

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