Review of Vi är barn av vår tid – En film om Nationalteatern (2021)

Moving picture, 120 minutes

Seen in 2021.

Seen in its two-part version, not as a feature film.

The history and fiftieth-anniversary reunion of proto-punk theatre group Nationalteatern.

Good editing of fantastic source material and pertinent comparisons to the present. One of many amusing details is that the group first attempts to play anti-immersive Brechtian theatre in the working-class housing projects of Gothenburg; the audience leaves the room after five minutes. Another such detail is how a theatre critic at Göteborgsposten—then under the reign of Hans “Kapten Bölja” Hansson—is embarrassed to read his own review of a bawdy Nationalteatern satire, a review in which the critic dismisses the whole thing as fascist by association with the Nazis.

moving picture non-fiction