Review of Wild Palms (1993)

Moving picture, 5.0 hours

William Gibson (cast).

The multinational Mimecom corporation has thick American and Japanese tendrils and is launching a new drug-fuelled tactile 3D successor to television in 2007, while its leader is making a bid for the office of President of the US, as conspiracies do battle in the streets and nobody cares.

Stylized, derivative hybrid of Twin Peaks (1990) and academicized cyborg/cyberpunk SF. 6-hour TV miniseries. The noir component is a travesty (no surprise in that weather), most of the acting blows, the classically inspired melodrama is weak and the whole ripping off of Lynch is simply a failure. It does have cool music by Sakamoto Ryuuichi, an appropriately detached cameo by William Gibson and some fragments of sweetness, but good cyberpunk it is not.

moving picture fiction series cyberpunk