Review of Wild Zero (1999)

Moving picture, 98 minutes

A bunch of people travel to a certain area in modern Japan on the fateful night of an alien invasion, which causes zombies, and few of them had the foresight to actually watch “that movie” in preparation. A central character is Ace, the naïve rock-star wannabe who is taken under the wing of Guitar Wolf—played by the artist with that stage name—and who must learn to appreciate some surprising topography on his damsel in distress, in the name of ROCK AND ROLL!

A lot of genres, mostly gory comedy but also SF, rock epic (sticking it to The Man who wants to focus on J-pop instead, throwing out feedback and kicking ass with a poker face on a motorcycle with a flaming exhaust pipe) and romance. Charming. The zombies are vividly blue as in the middle of the Dead series, and function as a harmless backdrop when needed.

References here: Shaun of the Dead (2004), Funky Forest: The First Contact (2005).

moving picture zombie Japanese production fiction