Review of Yasuo Otsuka’s Joy in Motion (2004)

Moving picture

Miyazaki Hayao (cast), Takahata Isao (cast), Suzuki Toshio (cast), Ōtsuka Yasuo (cast).

Seen in 2014.

The expression of Ōtsuka Yasuo’s talent as an animator and teacher. Most of the films and series he’s done are discussed in chronological order.

Biography. Made for TV. Ōtsuka is a good example of the type who achieves fame by single-mindedness. He’s got some social talent, is laudably comprehensive in namedropping several co-workers less famous than Miyazaki and Takahata, and obviously has hobbies—beautiful miniatures!—but in animation he’s as focused as a laser on vivid movement over detail or character design. He has a fine grasp on realism, but it is only of motion, and he knows when and how to break it.

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