Review of Zipang (2004)

Moving picture

The modern Japanese AEGIS Destroyer Mirai (“future”) is transported back in time to WW2.

Science fiction in the form of a time slip from the present to the past, like Hanmura Ryō’s Sengoku Jieitai (1971). The time travel in Zipang is portrayed as a fluke, neither clearly supernatural nor necessarily purposeful, which is weak. The consequences are examined quite carefully and seriously. Historiographically, as a treatment of the memory of WW2, it is a cut above the usual Japanese standard. For an overview, see Pascal Lefèvre, “What if the Japanese could alter WW2?: A case study of Kawaguchi’s manga series”, Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art (SJoCA) vol. 3:1 (fall 2016).

References here: “Don’t mention the war!”.

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