Black Goat

Shub-Niggurath’s faction in Cthulhu Wars.

Deep Black Goat faction box Shallow Black Goat faction box Closed Black Goat faction box Open Black Goat faction box Unpainted faction-specific Black Goat Acolyte Generic Black Goat Acolyte from the front Black Goat Acolyte mask Generic Black Goat Acolyte, oblique Extra Dark Young Dark Young on its side Fungus from Yuggoth from the back Fungus from Yuggoth from the front Fungus from Yuggoth on its side Ghoul Shub-Niggurath’s face Shub-Niggurath with tactical rock Shub-Niggurath’s hind quarters Shub-Niggurath’s top mouth Painted Black Goat All Black Goat models All generic Black Goat Acolyte models All Dark Young models All Fungus models All Ghoul models Shub-Niggurath model Unpainted Black Goat

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