Cthulhu Wars

The 2015 board game.

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Ancients faction box from above Closed Ancients faction box Open Ancients faction box Unpainted faction-specific Ancients Acolyte Generic Ancients Acolyte from the front Ancients Acolyte mask Generic Ancients Acolyte, oblique Ancients Cathedral Reanimated from the front left Unman Yothan from the left Yothan in close-up Painted Ancients All Ancients models All generic Ancients Acolyte models All Cathedral models All Reanimated models All Unman models All Yothan models Unpainted Ancients Deep Black Goat faction box Shallow Black Goat faction box Closed Black Goat faction box Open Black Goat faction box Unpainted faction-specific Black Goat Acolyte Generic Black Goat Acolyte from the front Black Goat Acolyte mask Generic Black Goat Acolyte, oblique Extra Dark Young Dark Young on its side Fungus from Yuggoth from the back Fungus from Yuggoth from the front Fungus from Yuggoth on its side Ghoul Shub-Niggurath’s face Shub-Niggurath with tactical rock Shub-Niggurath’s hind quarters Shub-Niggurath’s top mouth Painted Black Goat All Black Goat models All generic Black Goat Acolyte models All Dark Young models All Fungus models All Ghoul models Shub-Niggurath model Unpainted Black Goat Crawling Chaos faction box from above Closed Crawling Chaos faction box Open Crawling Chaos faction box Unpainted faction-specific Crawling Chaos Acolyte Generic Crawling Chaos Acolyte from the front Crawling Chaos Acolyte mask Hunting Horror in close-up Nightghaunt Nyarlathotep’s souls Flying Polyp from the left Flying Polyp from the right Painted Crawling Chaos All Crawling Chaos models All generic Crawling Chaos Acolyte models All Hunting Horror models All Nightghaunt models Nyarlathotep model All Flying Polyp models Unpainted Crawling Chaos Great Cthulhu faction box from above Closed Great Cthulhu faction box Deeper in the Great Cthulhu faction box Still deeper in the Great Cthulhu faction box Unpainted faction-specific Great Cthulhu Acolyte Generic Great Cthulhu Acolyte from the front Great Cthulhu Acolyte mask Cthulhu’s face Deep One face Shoggoth Starspawn’s face Painted Great Cthulhu All Great Cthulhu models All generic Great Cthulhu Acolyte models Cthulhu model All Deep One models All Shoggoth models All Starspawn models Unpainted Great Cthulhu Generic Acolytes from nine factions Cthulhukrigstärningar Insegelmarkörer Faction Acolytes in a row All models from nine factions Förstaspelarmarkören Opener of the Way faction box from above Closed Opener of the Way faction box Unpainted faction-specific Opener of the Way Acolyte Abomination from the front Abomination from the rear and left Abomination from the rear and right Generic Opener of the Way Acolyte from the front Opener of the Way Acolyte mask Generic Opener of the Way Acolyte from behind Spawn of Yog-Sothoth from the front Spawn of Yog-Sothoth, oblique Spawn of Yog-Sothoth from the rear and left Yog-Sothoth’s base Yog-Sothoth’s body Painted Opener of the Way All Opener of the Way models All Abomination models All generic Opener of the Way Acolyte models All Mutant models All Spawn of Yog-Sothoth models Yog-Sothoth model Unpainted Opener of the Way Sleeper faction box from above Closed Sleeper faction box Unpainted faction-specific Sleeper Acolyte Generic Sleeper Acolyte from the front Sleeper Acolyte mask Generic Sleeper Acolyte from behind Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua Serpent Man Tsathoggua in close-up Wizard from below Wizard from the front Wizard from the rear Painted Sleeper All Sleeper models All generic Sleeper Acolyte models All Formless Spawn models All Serpent Man models Tsathoggua model All Wizard models Sample Sleeper Spellbooks Acolyte on Gate, GOO and Monster Unpainted Sleeper Tcho-Tcho faction box from above Closed Tcho-Tcho faction box Open Tcho-Tcho faction box Unpainted faction-specific Tcho-Tcho Acolyte Generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte from the front Generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte from behind Tcho-Tcho High Priest Protoshoggoth from the back Protoshoggoth from the front Ubbo-Sathla from the left Ubbo-Sathla from the rear Ubbo-Sathla from the right Painted Tcho-Tcho All Tcho-Tcho models All generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte models All Tcho-Tcho High Priest models All Protoshoggoth models Ubbo-Sathla model Unpainted Tcho-Tcho Windwalker faction box from above Closed Windwalker faction box Open Windwalker faction box Unpainted faction-specific Windwalker Acolyte Generic Windwalker Acolyte from the front Windwalker Acolyte mask Gnoph-Keh Ithaqua Rhan-Tegoth from below Rhan-Tegoth from the front left Rhan-Tegoth from the rear Wendigo Painted Windwalker All Windwalker models All generic Windwalker Acolyte models All Gnoph-Keh models Ithaqua model Rhan-Tegoth and the faction’s Ice Age token All Wendigo models Unpainted Windwalker Yellow Sign faction box from above Closed Yellow Sign faction box Deeper in the Yellow Sign faction box Open Yellow Sign faction box Unpainted faction-specific Yellow Sign Acolyte Generic Yellow Sign Acolyte from the front Yellow Sign Acolyte mask Generic Yellow Sign Acolyte from behind Hastur from below Hastur from the front Hastur from the rear Hastur from the right The King in Yellow Undead Painted Yellow Sign All Yellow Sign models All generic Yellow Sign Acolyte models All Byakhee models Hastur model King in Yellow model All Undead models Unpainted Yellow Sign

Cthulhu Wars board game