Cut Wound deck

Cut Wound reverse side Stomach Cut Open Head Gash Lacerated Armpit Lacerated Head Lacerated Left Hand Lacerated Left Knee Lacerated Left Lower Arm Lacerated Left Lower Leg Lacerated Left Shoulder Lacerated Left Upper Arm Lacerated Left Upper Leg Lacerated Right Hand Lacerated Right Knee Lacerated Right Lower Arm Lacerated Right Lower Leg Lacerated Right Shoulder Lacerated Right Upper Arm Lacerated Right Upper Leg Left Lower Arm Gash Left Upper Arm Gash Left Upper Leg Gash Ragged Left Lower Arm Ragged Right Lower Arm Right Lower Arm Gash Right Upper Arm Gash Right Upper Leg Gash Slashed Head Slashed Left Abdomen Slashed Left Hand Slashed Left Lower Arm Slashed Left Lower Leg Slashed Left Shoulder Slashed Left Upper Arm Slashed Left Upper Leg Slashed Pelvis Slashed Right Hand Slashed Right Lower Arm Slashed Right Lower Leg Slashed Right Shoulder Slashed Right Upper Arm Slashed Right Upper Leg Stabbed Between the Ribs Stabbed in the Back Wicked Chest Cut

Creative Commons game design Horror Cards TRPG