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The full set of playing cards for Horror Cards. The description of each card states the number of copies of that card in the game.

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Ballistic Wound reverse side Blunt Wound reverse side Burn Wound reverse side Check reverse side Cut Wound reverse side Discretionary Wound reverse side Head Wound reverse side Insanity reverse side Shock reverse side Torso Wound reverse side check.jpg Addiction Battered Left Abdomen Breathless Bullet in the Head Charred Left Foot Stomach Cut Open Asceticism Battered Right Abdomen Charred Left Hand Dissociated Gutshot Head Gash Atavism Battered Stomach Bullet Through the Jaw Charred Right Foot Lacerated Armpit Reeling Battered Face Bigotry Bullet in the Left Lower Arm Charred Right Hand Lacerated Head Terrified Angry Biophobia Blistered Chest Bruised Left Hand Bullet in the Left Lower Leg Lacerated Left Hand Bipolar Blistered Face Bruised Left Lower Arm Bullet in the Left Shoulder Fierce Lacerated Left Knee Blistered Left Foot Broken Dreams Bruised Left Lower Leg Bullet in the Left Upper Arm Frenzied Lacerated Left Lower Arm Blistered Left Hand Bruised Left Shoulder Bullet in the Left Upper Leg Callousness Hallucinating Lacerated Left Lower Leg Blistered Left Lower Arm Bruised Left Upper Arm Bullet in the Right Lower Arm Collection Hateful Lacerated Left Shoulder Blistered Left Lower Leg Bruised Left Upper Leg Bullet in the Right Lower Leg Cruelty Lacerated Left Upper Arm Loud Blistered Left Shoulder Bruised Right Hand Bullet in the Right Shoulder Curiosity Lacerated Left Upper Leg Thrilled Blistered Left Upper Arm Bruised Right Lower Arm Bullet in the Right Upper Arm Death Wish Lacerated Right Hand Violent Agitated Blistered Left Upper Leg Bruised Right Lower Leg Bullet in the Right Upper Leg Denial Lacerated Right Knee Blistered Right Foot Blocked Bruised Right Shoulder Bullet in the Torso Depression Lacerated Right Lower Arm Blistered Right Hand Bruised Right Upper Arm Clean Shot Through the Torso Clingy Eating Disorder Lacerated Right Lower Leg Blistered Right Lower Arm Bruised Right Upper Leg Confused Eversion Finger Blown Off Left Hand Lacerated Right Shoulder Blistered Right Lower Leg Busted Left Knee Cowardly Exposure Finger Blown Off Right Hand Lacerated Right Upper Arm Blistered Right Shoulder Busted Right Knee Dizzy Extremism Fragmented Bullet in the Torso Lacerated Right Upper Leg Blistered Right Upper Arm Compound Skull Fracture Exhausted Fugue Grazed Left Lower Arm Left Lower Arm Gash Beat Up Inside Compression Fracture Infection Loan Oft Loses Blistered Right Upper Leg Crushed Left Hand Faint Grazed Left Lower Leg Hero Complex Left Upper Arm Gash Burnt Back Crushed Right Hand Flustered Grazed Left Upper Arm Insomnia Left Upper Leg Gash Burnt Chest Dislocated Left Shoulder Grazed Right Lower Arm Nauseous OCD Ragged Left Lower Arm Burnt Face Dislocated Right Shoulder Grazed Right Lower Leg Poised PTSD Ragged Right Lower Arm Burnt Left Foot Genital Abrasion Grazed Right Upper Arm Paranoia Rattled Right Lower Arm Gash Burnt Left Hand Grazed Torso Lump on the Head Paraphilia Reckless Right Upper Arm Gash Burnt Left Lower Arm Phobia Pulled Left Thigh Muscle Right Upper Leg Gash Shattered Left Knee Suggestible Burnt Left Lower Leg Plastic People Pulled Right Thigh Muscle Shattered Right Knee Slashed Head Tired of Secrets Burnt Left Shoulder Pulled a Muscle in Your Back Rebellion Shot Through the Head Slashed Left Abdomen Vertiginous Burnt Left Upper Arm Religion Scraped Left Knee Shot Through the Left Upper Leg Slashed Left Hand Broken Nose Coughing Up Blood Lost a Lot of Blood Martial Stalk Burnt Left Upper Leg Scraped Right Knee Self-harm Shot Through the Right Upper Leg Slashed Left Lower Arm Burnt Right Foot Slashed Left Lower Leg Smashed Left Foot Tainted Wisdom Torn Inner Left Thigh Burnt Right Hand Slashed Left Shoulder Smashed Left Hand The Rabbit Hole Torn Inner Right Thigh Burnt Right Lower Arm Slashed Left Upper Arm Smashed Left Lower Arm Burnt Right Lower Leg Slashed Left Upper Leg Smashed Left Lower Leg Burnt Right Shoulder Slashed Pelvis Smashed Left Upper Arm Burnt Right Upper Arm Slashed Right Hand Smashed Left Upper Leg Burnt Right Upper Leg Slashed Right Lower Arm Smashed Right Foot Slashed Right Lower Leg Smashed Right Hand Slashed Right Shoulder Smashed Right Lower Arm Concussion Heart Attack Slings and Arrows Slashed Right Upper Arm Smashed Right Lower Leg Slashed Right Upper Leg Smashed Right Upper Arm Smashed Right Upper Leg Stabbed Between the Ribs Smashed-up Chest Stabbed in the Back Sprained Left Lower Leg Wicked Chest Cut Sprained Right Lower Leg Twisted Left Elbow Twisted Left Knee Twisted Left Wrist Twisted Right Elbow Facial Bruising Sucking Chest Wound The Pale Cast of Thought Twisted Right Knee Twisted Right Wrist Wrenched Back Lost an Eye Nagging Injury The Triumph of His Pledge Ruptured Spleen Sickening Pain Yon High Eastward Hill Spitting Teeth Splintered Ribs Swimming Vision Winded Torn Ear Stack of Horror Cards decks insanity.jpg shock.jpg wound_ballistic.jpg wound_blunt.jpg wound_burn.jpg wound_cut.jpg wound_discretionary.jpg wound_head.jpg wound_torso.jpg

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