Dice tower 2017

This is the second dice tower I have designed and built. The first one (2014) improved the randomness of dice throws in wargames, collecting the results in one place. This second one had different design criteria: It caters to the misophonic by muffling sound.

The walls are made of plaster cast in Hirst Arts molds, so it’s heavy. The base plate is birch plywood, the roof shingles are ink-washed birch, and the inside is lined with cork. In the tower are two sets of printed ABS plastic arms, each holding a slick black NinjaFlex shelf at a steep angle to keep the dice bouncing.

Dice tower 2017, from the rear Dice tower 2017, from the front Dice tower 2017, ram skull detail Dice tower 2017, stone detail Dice tower 2017, roof detail

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