One of the two human-led factions in Cthulhu Wars.

Tcho-Tcho faction box from above Closed Tcho-Tcho faction box Open Tcho-Tcho faction box Unpainted faction-specific Tcho-Tcho Acolyte Generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte from the front Generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte from behind Tcho-Tcho High Priest Protoshoggoth from the back Protoshoggoth from the front Ubbo-Sathla from the left Ubbo-Sathla from the rear Ubbo-Sathla from the right Painted Tcho-Tcho All Tcho-Tcho models All generic Tcho-Tcho Acolyte models All Tcho-Tcho High Priest models All Protoshoggoth models Ubbo-Sathla model Unpainted Tcho-Tcho

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