Modular dungeon POC 4

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Hirst Arts forum-goers agreed that I should change the floor. Several suggested going with a floor the same colour as the walls, but I resisted that impulse for two reasons:

  • The low walls of my design create a need for strong visual distinction by means other than height.

  • Uniform walls and floors tend to look dull.

These were the first swatches I came up with to find a better painting scheme. From left to right:

  1. Vallejo MC "USA Olive Drab", with about 3 parts water.

  2. The same "USA Olive Drab", a little more dilute, and highlighted with Vallejo GC "Heavy Grey" (which is green).

  3. Vallejo MC "German C. Black Brown", also with a lot of water, and highlighted with Vallejo SP "IDF Israeli Sand Grey".

  4. The same "German C. Black Brown", no highlight.