Review of A Goofy Movie (1995)

Moving picture, 78 minutes

Seen in 2023.

Goofy and his son Max go on a road trip over the summer.

Goofy debuted under the name Dippy in 1932, so it’s “How do you do, fellow kids?” when, 63 years later, Goofy’s the stereotypical father of a tween in the more wholesome variety of US children’s films: Middle-class poor and out of touch, but with a heart of gold. The musical sequences are inspired by pederast Michael Jackson and the handicraft is lifeless. The only release from pain in this movie is a rival father’s caricatured RV, which has some of the wildness of “Mickey’s Trailer” (1938), from an age when Disney was not yet eating its own vomit.

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