Reviews of Animal Treasure Island (1971) and related work

Animal Treasure Island (1971Moving picture, 78 minutes)

Miyazaki Hayao (key animator).

Seen in 2013.

Far removed from the novel, and less violent. Billy Bones, not named, is a tomcat. Jim has a steam-powered barrel for a boat, and a bespectacled non-giant mouse named Glan for a friend. Long John Silver is a pig, and never denies being a pirate. A tough girl named Kathy, granddaughter of Captain Flint, is added to break up the sausage fest. Jim and Kathy are the only humans.

Musical adventure. This funny-animal version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island stylized liked a UPA production. Key animation and “idea construction” by Miyazaki. Mercifully quick and lacking all lustre.

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Treasure Planet (2002Moving picture, 95 minutes)

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