Animal Treasure Island (1971) and related work:

Animal Treasure Island (1971) IMDb

Miyazaki Hayao (key animator).

Seen in 2013.

Far removed from the novel, and less violent. Billy Bones, not named, is a tomcat. Jim has a steam-powered barrel for a boat, and a bespectacled non-giant mouse named Glan for a friend. Long John Silver is a pig, and never denies being a pirate. A tough girl named Kathy, granddaughter of Captain Flint, is added to break up the sausage fest. Jim and Kathy are the only humans.

Musical adventure. This funny-animal version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island stylized liked a UPA production. Key animation and “idea construction” by Miyazaki. Mercifully quick and lacking all lustre.

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