Blame! (2017) IMDb


Seen in 2019.


Mysterious superman Kyrii (in Kodansha’s translation, “Killy” in Netflix’s subtitles) saves teenage Electro-Fisher scavengers in a seemingly unlimited city long since free of human control.


Post-post-scarcity post-apocalypse action. It’s basically faithful to Nihei Tsutomu’s vision, but instead of the beautiful wanderings and weird biomechanical creatures, the emphasis is on more human-scale action—and especially a bunch of generic teen adventurers—in awfully stiff low-frame-rate cel-shaded 3D CG. The factory sequence is great, but of the rest, only the abrupt pyrotechnics and background art hold any interest. A movie built more closely around the resource problem and the factory, with a budget for animation, would easily have been very good.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture