Horizon (1964) and related work:

Horizon (1964) IMDb

Review refers to just a few scattered programs.

Long-running BBC series of 50-minute programs on a broad range of scientific subjects.

References here: Nova (1974), Explained (2018).

moving picture non-fiction series

“Nice Guys Finish First” (1986) IMDb

Richard Dawkins (cast).

Good introductions to the prisoner’s dilemma (one-off and reiterated) and the tragedy of the commons to explain apparent altruism and why WW1 was so nice.

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“The 7/7 Bombers: A Psychological Investigation” (2005) IMDb

Good footage from the Milgram and Asch experiments.

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“Allergies: Modern Life and Me” (2014) IMDb

Seen in 2015.

episode moving picture non-fiction

“First Britons” (2015) IMDb

Seen in 2018.

Doggerland, mesolithic climate change on the British Isles, early signs of animal husbandry and agriculture etc.

Overly dramatic, and set against a straw-man version of hunters and gatherers as passive inhabitants of unspoilt wilderness, but it is otherwise a pretty good summary.

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“10 Things You Need to Know About the Future” (2017) IMDb

Seen in 2019.

Rushed and tightly compressed.

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“Chris Packham: 7.7 Billion People and Counting” (2020) IMDb

Seen in 2020.

An essay on overpopulation. A good balance of simple examples, science, empathy and common sense. The hand-drawn graphs are awful though. Packham is clearly aware of the traditional association between anti-overpopulation movements and racism, but he doesn’t mention any such movements, nor forced sterilization or any other form of institutional birth control. Instead, he clearly demonstrates a working anti-racist understanding of the most central issues, in a friendly and accessible way.

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