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Seen in 2019.

Review refers to the first six seasons.


Mostly “deep dives”, carefully structured and rehearsed 20-ish-minute presentations on varied public affairs, with jokes.


A denser The Daily Show (1996), boiling down Stewart’s openings into less time per week at a significantly higher HBO budget and a corresponding brow. Oliver got this job partly because he stood in for Stewart on TDS while the latter was making Rosewater (2014). The budget comes in handy: The show was at its best risking litigation to speak simple truths mainly for the sake of truthfulness, as in season 6, episode 29, on “SLAPP Suits”, where the musical number escalates from Stewart’s “go fuck yourself” chorus.

References here: The Daily Show (1996), Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas (2018), The Break (2018), Patriot Act (2018).

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