Reviews of “Proposal for ‘The Day I Bought a Star’” (2004) and related work

“Proposal for ‘The Day I Bought a Star’” (2004Text)

Miyazaki Hayao (writer).

Read in 2021.

Read in Turning Point.

Inoue Naohisa, whose work also inspired the fantasy sequences of Whisper of the Heart (1995), is acknowledged for the original story. The narrative concept reminds me of “Reiko’s Universe Box” (1981).

References here: Turning Point: 1997–2008 (2008/2014).

Japanese production non-fiction text

“Welcome to the Ghibli Forest Short Film ‘The Day I Bought a Star’” (2006Text)

Read in 2021.

Mostly Inoue and the making of the film.

Japanese production non-fiction spin-off text