Review of Rapport från 2050 (2020)

Moving picture, 4.0 hours

Seen in 2020.

Life in 2050.

An awkward mix of futurology, loose preconceptions and the clowning folksy antics of the hosts of Historieätarna (2012) eating the food of the future with video diaries. The presentation seems heavily adapted to children and the videography is notably lazy, but I liked the inlaid parodies of Border (2018), The Handmaid’s Tale (2017) (in which Erik and Lotta talk about an issue of the banned magazine Allt om mat) and Bonde söker fru (2006). I suppose the producers genuinely tried to make something that would age as poorly as the futurist TV special quoted in the first episode, being equally speculative. A few of the guest experts seem to know what they’re talking about, but they don’t get to explain it, and a few of them are just dubious corporate ideologues like Kjell A. Nordström. Having involuntarily attended a talk of his, and argued with him, I’m sure his vision of 2050 is a lot more intense and techno-optimist than the writers’.

moving picture non-fiction series