Review of “We Should Each Start Doing What We Can” (2002)


Miyazaki Hayao (writer).

Read in 2021.

Read in Turning Point.

“Greenification”, that is the planting of trees on rooftops and elsewhere in cities, apropos of the newly opened Ghibli Museum and Miyazaki’s informal activism elsewhere.

Miyazaki alludes to a study (“They say”) showing that greening the roofs of “the big buildings in Tokyo” would bring temperatures below the canopy down by 1.6 °C. He irrationally extends this finding to suggest that greening all of the roofs of all of the buildings would bring temperatures down by 3 °C, without considering what other consequences it might have. Although he does not refer to Studio Ghibli itself as a physical place, the ideas are the same as in “On the Need to Create an Easy-to-Use Studio” (1991), drawn toward an extreme.

References here: Turning Point: 1997–2008 (2008/2014).

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