Tex Avery

Frederick “Tex” Avery (1908–1980) was an American animator and director of iconic pre-television US “cartoon” animation, back when animated shorts ran ahead of feature films for seven minutes, and had broad audiences: children and adults. Avery was better than Disney at pleasing both with anarchic creativity: lots of action on a fairly high budget, and savvy metatheatre.

His first official credit for direction, as Fred Avery, came after he’d left Walter Lantz and started working at Warner on “Gold Diggers of ’49” (1935). Some prefer his later work at MGM, under Fred Quimby, starting with “Blitz Wolf” (1942).

At each studio, Avery was doing serial production, though there is no name for his series at MGM. Many of the films have characters in common, but no plot serialization. At Warner it was Friz Freleng’s Porky Pig, Avery’s own Daffy Duck etc. At MGM his main character was Droopy, who got cuter and cheaper to animate by the film.

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