Reviews of Goku Midnight Eye (1989) and related work

Goku Midnight Eye (1989Moving picture, 60 minutes)

Kawajiri Yoshiaki (director).

A hard-boiled private detective gets his eye replaced with a universal hacking device.

A two-part OVA. A waste of decent animation on a ridiculous power-fantasy plot.

References here: One Punch Man (2015).

moving picture Japanese production animation fiction series cyberpunk

“Goku: Midnight Eye II” (1989Moving picture, 60 minutes)

Kawajiri Yoshiaki (director).

More of the same with new enemies.

So you’ve established a protagonist whose only characteristic gives him so much power that he can’t be challenged. But you want a sequel. What to do? Make up an enemy that isn’t affected by the protagonist’s only characteristic. Easy mistake.

moving picture sequel Japanese production animation fiction cyberpunk