One Punch Man (2015) IMDb

Seen in 2016.

Action comedy. Parody of the superhero genre, particularly shows like Goku Midnight Eye (1989) where the protagonist is boringly unbeatable. Based on a free heta-uma amateur webcomic. Kawajiri Yoshiaki did storyboards on a few episodes.

Very engagingly directed and animated, but the parody is increasingly diluted by a sprawling plot and a lot of threads are left dangling. This is par for the course, given the freewheeling source of the narrative as a take-off on Anpanman in a world dominated by a supercontinent shaped like the Saitama prefecture. The high point is when Mumen Raidaa throws his bicycle—Justice—at a supervillain, to no effect whatsoever.

References here: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (2016).

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