Reviews of Macken (1986) and related work

Macken (1986Moving picture, 4.0 hours)

An all-ages musical comedy of gentle observations. It’s a better expression of 1980s Swedishness than Sällskapsresan (1980), though perhaps less popular.

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Macken (1990Moving picture, 92 minutes)

Seen in 2020.

The brothers take a road trip to Stockholm looking for their estranged father.

The cinematography and pacing needed more work, and the Opel problem should have been closed. In case you were wondering, the barely audible Japanese line is “hai, otsukare”, meaning “well, you worked hard” or, in idiomatic English, “job done guys”. This miniature portrayal of the Japanese has softened from the comedy troupe’s previous film, Leif (1987) from the boom years, where the portrayal of the Japanese is as highly efficient and silent industrial spies.

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