Review of “My Point of Origin” (1982)


Miyazaki Hayao (writer).

Read in Starting Point.

Certainly, it takes a great effort to create significant work given the current flood of animation. It is like pouring clear water drop by drop into the muddy flood waters. I can’t help but feel lonely that, just because it is such an effort, some decide to settle for sending out mediocre work to be pushed along the with the rest of the deluge.

Though he does not develop a central point in this talk, Miyazaki’s thoughts here predict what he would be doing for the next 30 years.

References here: “Using a Bucket to Pour Water on a Flood” (1985), Starting Point: 1979–1996 (1996/2009), “What’s Important for the Spirit: Text of a Speech to Be Given on the Occasion of Receiving the Japan Foundation Award for 2005” (2005).

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