Review of “What’s Important for the Spirit: Text of a Speech to Be Given on the Occasion of Receiving the Japan Foundation Award for 2005” (2005)


Miyazaki Hayao (writer).

Read in 2021.

Read in Turning Point.
> To us, the history of modern art, the differences between East and West, or tradition versus the avant-garde, have always been irrelevant. What is far more important is that this world continues to exist, far, far behind the screen, in a place invisible to the eye, way beyond the left and right edges of the screen, where the sun is shining, and animals, plants and humans are alive.
An update on {{review|My Point of Origin (1982)}}, outlining a related but different vision following {{tag|Ghibli}}’s breakthrough successes. As such, it’s interesting in its maturity, but too brief to contain a rationale. This short speech was never given. When he actually spoke at the awards show, Miyazaki instead improvised {{review|An Attempt at a Short Film: Remarks on Accepting the Japan Foundation Award for 2005 (2005)|label=An Attempt at a Short Film}}.

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