Review of Story of Science Fiction (2018)

Moving picture, 6 hours

Seen in 2022.

James Cameron interviews studio guests like George Lucas about their views on US science fiction film and television, with occasional nods to literature and other countries. Experts and less popular actors chime in alone on the history and interpretation of the genre.

30% of this is mutual congratulation by celebrities. The rest was not new to me. It sometimes verges on promotion for barely house-broken works like the tail end of the 2002–2017 Resident Evil adaptations, but the emphasis is on more historically significant, typically lower-budget work. According to IMDb editors, the series includes clips from the following:

The most interesting thing about Story of Science Fiction I think is the interview between Lucas and Cameron in the second episode, where Cameron uncritically—and politely—accepts Lucas’s anti-intellectualism. That sort of attitude, even among Hollywood’s greatest luminaries of the genre, is depressing, but also has enormous explanatory value. They celebrate Primer, but they go back to worldbuilding for obsolete limitations.

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