Terry Gilliam

Gilliam (Wikipedia) was a member of Monty Python. I don’t credit his work with them separately here.

In the early part of his directing career, Gilliam was a Borgesian expressionist auteur, blending social conscience with pageantry, grotesquerie, humour and unfunny madness at the end of the era of practical effects in camera. Three of his better films constitute a loose cycle on the life of an imaginative human in oppressive circumstances: Time Bandits (1981) about childhood, Brazil (1985) about adulthood and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) about old age and second childhood. In a Guardian interview (Andrew Pulver, 2013-09-02), Gilliam said Brazil was the start of a trilogy of “dystopian satires”, followed in this context by Twelve Monkeys (1995) and The Zero Theorem (2013).

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