A tag for organizing content

RFKOUM is short for “Rollspel för kräsna och upptagna människor” (RPGs for the picky and busy), a Swedish-language guide to the creative side of the TRPG hobby.

I wrote the first version of that guide in 2003 and kept refining it. The last version published in PDF format came out 2014. An overhaul came out in 2024, as a series of eight articles on this website. I then decided the scope of the work was too large for it to be fully coherent in the new blog-like form, so I have since reduced the first half of the work to one series of three articles on this website, turned the last two out of the eight (both on clichés) into another series of articles, and scattered the remaining two.

This tag, RFKOUM, now exists only to mark what originated with the comprehensive guide.